Thank you for your interest in Global Connections Television (GCTV).

Global Connections Television is an independently-produced and  privately-funded talkshow that focuses on international issues and how they impact people from Frankfort, Kentucky to Frankfurt, Germany and from Lima, Ohio to Lima, Peru.

GCTV is available to anyone who would like more information regarding  interviews with upper level UN leaders, international relations specialists, educators, private sector business leaders and heads of nongovernmental organizations, and many other groups that are working to  create a better world. 

It would be greatly appreciated if you would make a small contribution to help off-set GCTV production costs. GCTV is not 501 c 3 tax-deductible.

Or please send checks or money orders to:

Bill Miller
Global Connections Television
111 Shelby Street
Frankfort, KY. 40601.



GCTV is a pro-bono public service program that is available to any group, such as educational institutions, media outlets, service clubs, faith-based groups, as well as the general public.