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Is your institution looking for a supplemental course to your curriculum on international public administration, international relations or global governance? If so, you may want to use the following as a prototype.

The model and curriculum were independently developed by Professor Bill Miller. This is  a public administration-international relations course offered at Kentucky State University's Graduate School of Public Administration titled  “International Organizations: Focus on the United Nations and International Public Administration."

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Photo by Brianac37

This course, the only one of its type offered at any of the 175 Schools of Public Administration in the US, focuses upon the history, organization, administration and programs of the United Nations (UN), its six organs, commissions and agencies. The UN course highlights the major issues confronting the international organization and the UN public administrators' abilities and skills to resolve these international/local problems.

The UN is the “town hall of the world” where the 193 member states discuss major issues and, hopefully, take action to overcome these problems.  All Schools of Public Administration, as well as Schools of Foreign Relations and International Commerce, are the appropriate venues for this unique course since all UN employees are public administrators.

UN programs range from attempting to end wars and ethnic conflict, promoting economic and social development, battling environmental degradation and health problems, encouraging human rights, and working to move aircraft, ships, mail, and weather information safely around the world.

Below is a brief overview of the course:

Kentucky State University
School of Professional Studies
School of Public Administration, Social Work and Criminal Justice
International Organizations Syllabus

Course: PUA 636-90 -Spring Semester 2014
3 academic credit hours

Course Title: "International Organizations: Focus on the United Nations and International Public Administration"

Course Description:  The main mission is to impart knowledge and skills in the area of public service. Although the course will discuss various international organizations, such as NATO, EU, African Union and the OAS, the main emphasis will focus upon the history, organization, administration and programs of the United Nations (UN),  and its six organs, commissions and agencies. Special emphasis will be to highlight the major issues confronting the international organization and the ability of its international public administrators (a.k.a. international civil servants) to effectively and efficiently identify and resolve various international problems that have local implications.

Course Learning Objectives:

Students will:

  1. Develop a knowledge of the major UN agencies, their programs and principal issues that they are confronting;
  2. Identify how economically developing and developed countries interact at the United Nations;
  3. Focus upon at least one UN agency and program that complements the student’s professional area of public administration concentration and interest;
  4. Determine how the international public administrators at the UN are counterparts of public administrators at the local, state and federal levels in the USA and worldwide; and,
  5. Become familiar with a variety of international organizations.

Required Text

“Basic Facts About the United Nations,”
United Nations Department of Public Information,  New York, NY, (2014)      

Methodology: Course information will be presented through lectures, readings, class and critique participation, audio/visual presentations, and guest speakers.