All in 2015 2

Amina Mohammed, Special Advisor-Post 2015 Development Planning, focuses on the new Sustainable Development Goals to reduce poverty, promote sustainable development, and empower women.

Lauren Singer, Environmental Entrepreneur and founder of the Simply Co., shares techniques on how to reduce waste products that are clogging landfills around the world. 8 December 2015

William Pace, Executive Director, World Federalist Movement, highlights efforts to promote peace, human rights, UN reform and the International Criminal Court. 8 December 2015

Selim Jahan, Director of the Human Development Report Office, highlights the most recent HDR that explores how various types of work are critical to human development. 7 December 2015

Arthur Erken, Director, Division of Communications and Strategic Partnerships at the UN Population Fund, discusses various programs to reduce maternal mortality, child marriage and female genital mutilation. 7 December 2015

Saber Chowdhury, President of the Inter-Parliamentary Union, discusses how many Parliaments work to combat climate change, empower women, involve youth and promote human rights. 2 September 2015

Penny Abeywardena, Commissioner of Mayor Bill de Blasio's Office for International Affairs highlights work with international delegations from all over the world and why New York is the International Capital of the World. 5 November 2015

Gerry Bourke, Senior Communications Officer for the UN's World Food Program, focuses on assistance to millions in Libya, Yemen and other areas who have had their lives disrupted because of various tragedies, such as natural disasters or civil wars. 4 November 2015

Richard Wright,  Director of the Representative Office of UNRWA (the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East) New York, discusses challenges confronting Palestinians in Gaza and other sites in the Middle East. 4 November 2015

Dr. William Vendley, Secretary General of the World Conference of Religions for Peace, lays out how religious leaders and major religions can help create a better world and reduce conflicts. 6 November 2015

Mr. John Hewko, General Secretary of Rotary International, discusses the unique partnership between Rotary and the United Nations, especially through cooperation on such major programs as Polioplus, which is geared to ridding the world of the scourge of polio.

Kevin Cassidy, External Relations Officer for the ILO, focuses on difficult issues, such as forced labor, human trafficking, youth unemployment and income inequality. 31 August 2015

Vinicius Pinheiro, Deputy Director of the International Labor Organization Office to the UN, discusses issues such as decent work, economic development, child labor, social protection and full employment. 3 September 2015

Paloma Duran, Director of the Sustainable Development Goals Fund, highlights how the Fund works to achieve poverty reduction, food security and clean water and sanitation. 2 September 2015

Dr. Nata Menabde, Executive Director, World Health Organization Office to the UN, explains how WHO works with Rotary International to abolish polio, as well as spearheads efforts against other diseases such as Ebola. 3 September 2015