All in 2016

Lakshmi Puri, Deputy Director of UN Women, focuses on the importance of the Development Agenda for 2030 and the key role women play worldwide. 8 July 2016

Donald E. Palmer, author and horse owner, details how horseracing serves as a vehicle to promote international cooperation, as well as economic development. 29 April 2016

Sarah Cliffe, Director, Center on International Cooperation at NYU, explains new approaches in confronting human or natural disasters, and enhancing post-conflict reconstruction. 5 May 2016

Dr. Jean Krasno, Author and Professor, discusses her recent book on how personality and political leadership impact the decision-making process of leaders, such as Nelson Mandela, Angela Merkel, Saddam Hussein and 16 more. 4 May 2016

Ahmad Alhendawi, the former UN Secretary-General’s Youth Envoy, focuses on working with youth to combat unemployment, eliminate poverty and empower women. 2 May 2016

Antoine Gerard, Chief, World Humanitarian Summit, highlights the goals of the Summit to develop a strategy to prepare for and recover from natural and human made crises. 29 March 2016

Atefeh Riazi, ASG, UN Office of Information and Communication Technology, discusses the challenges in the areas of ICT, cybercrime, e-waste and Artificial Intelligence. 31 March 2016

Laura Flanders, best-selling author, broadcaster and founder of The Laura Flanders Show, discusses GritTV, climate change and how the media cover the UN and international issues. 2 March 2016

Chloe Demrovsky, Executive Director, Disaster Recovery Institute International describes the importance of working with the private sector to be prepared before, during and after human or natural disasters. 3 March 2016

Lisa Doughten, Chief of the UN Central Emergency Response Fund highlights how the Fund provides emergency assistance to reduce the loss of life and offer humanitarian aid. 3 February, 201

Lise Kingo, Executive Director of the UN Global Compact, discusses the role of the private sector in confronting problems in the areas of sustainable development, human and labor rights and anti-corruption. 2 February 2016

Susan Johnson, Co-Founder of "Chime In International," identifies how the organization has worked with Youth Ambassadors to help people in Guatemala and Nepal. 2 March 201