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John Hewko

Mr. John Hewko, General Secretary of Rotary International, discusses the unique partnership between Rotary and the United Nations, especially through cooperation on such major programs as Polioplus, which is geared to ridding the world of the scourge of polio.

Dr. Robert Olson

Dr. Robert Olson, retired Professor of Middle East History and Politics at the University of Kentucky, discusses the instability in the Middle East, especially in Iraq and Israel.

Kevin Cassidy

Kevin Cassidy, External Relations Officer for the ILO, focuses on difficult issues, such as forced labor, human trafficking, youth unemployment and income inequality. 31 August 2015

Vinicius Pinheiro

Vinicius Pinheiro, Deputy Director of the International Labor Organization Office to the UN, discusses issues such as decent work, economic development, child labor, social protection and full employment. 3 September 2015

Paloma Duran

Paloma Duran, Director of the Sustainable Development Goals Fund, highlights how the Fund works to achieve poverty reduction, food security and clean water and sanitation. 2 September 2015

Dr. Nata Menabde

Dr. Nata Menabde, Executive Director, World Health Organization Office to the UN, explains how WHO works with Rotary International to abolish polio, as well as spearheads efforts against other diseases such as Ebola. 3 September 2015

Maruxa Cardama

Maruxa Cardama, Executive Coordinator and Founder of Communitas, focuses on the role of sustainable cities in accomplishing the New UN Development Agenda. 6 August 2015

Dr. Gerald Lauber

Dr. Gerald Lauber, an international educator, describes how major educational breakthroughs will alter our traditional ways of learning and be beneficial to developing and developed countries. 5 August 2015

Sarah Crowe

Sarah Crowe, UNICEF 's Crisis Communications Chief, focuses on services provided to children who are in crises due to civil war or natural disasters. 1 July 2015

John Wilmoth

Mr. John Wilmoth, Director, Population Division in the UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs, explains how a world population increase affects areas, such as climate change, market economies, and urbanization and retirement systems. 4 August 2015

Alistair Edgar

Dr. Alistair Edgar, Executive Director of the Academic Council on the United Nations System (ACUNS), highlights how the UN is providing major services in the areas of peace and security, economic and social development and human rights. 3 August 2015

Yamina Djacta

Yamina Djacta, Director, NY Office-UN Habitat, highlights the evolving role of the urban areas in confronting social, economic, environmental and infrastructure challenges. 2 July 2015

Afaf Konja

Afaf Konja, Journalist/Spokesperson for 68th UN General Assembly, discusses major issues before the UN, such as climate change, nuclear disarmament and human trafficking. July 1, 2013

Daniela Bas

Daniela Bas, Director, DESA Division for Social Policy and Development, highlights initiatives to assist indigenous peoples, youth, older persons and persons with disabilities.

Jean Krasno

Dr. Jean Krasno, Author and Professor on the UN and International Law, discusses issues such as a female UN Secretary General and the Collected Papers of Kofi Annan.

Akiko Ito

Akiko Ito,Chief, Secretariat for the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, identifies special challenges confronting the disabled.